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upnp and my network

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Okay, here is the problem:

I can not see my xbox 360 for media sharing, nor can my pc seem to see each other for network sharing using upnp.

upnp is turned on the various computers, correct firewall settings.

Taking Vista and XP here.


Action Tec M1000 DSL modem (they say upnp is turned on by default, no settings to change it)
Encore 8port gigabit Switch

I can access the other computers on my network, but not the 360, but i can get a good ping from it.

Starting to wonder if my switch is the problem?

I do have a Linksys WRT54GL i can use as the router and put the M1000 into bridge mode. Haven't done that yet to see if the problem is the dsl modems settings.

I'm considering getting a new switch, or maybe a router/wifi/gigabit all rolled into 1.

Granted i only have 2 gigabit ethernet computers on the network, i could always directly connect them (need to figure out how to set the computers up to use them only to share data between them, probably not too hard), and skip the switch.

Even though 1 of the computers will probably be connected to the tv thru hdmi, and i won't need to use the 360 for streaming media, i would like to get it working since I can't seem to find anyone that can help me figure out the problem.

I think i am going to bridge the M1000 to the Linksys since I don't like the settings for the modem. no way to set address by mac, and it seems no way to delete rules either.

if anyone has any ideas that i can do to get my computers seeing upnp crap on each other, or a good gigabit router/wifi, 4 ports is okay.

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wow, either i explained my situation badly, or I once again ran into problems no one else has had to deal with. lol

Well, I bought a netgear gigabit switch to swap my encore gigabit with.

Still going to bridge the cable modem, probably going to do all this tomorrow if i can.

guess i'll keep updating this thread with my solution to my problem, just in case someone else ever has it.
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