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Well atm my friend has a socket A comp and he wants to uppgrade to socket 939 and his budget is around 800€(970.244 USD) this is absolute max so maybe somewhere around 750€(909.604 USD) without shipping
the parts he dosen't need dvd drive , case , hd , ram , and he has a pretty good psu
he was thinking about getting a x2 3800 , Asus A8N-E , Sapphire X850XT PCI-E he will use the comp mostly for gaming and he is wondering if he should just get a single core
he will mostly likely not be ocing his cpu but you never know
So some of the questions I have are

1.Is the Asus A8N-E any good ?
2.What would be better to get single core or the dual core 3800+

3.Is the X850XT good enough or should I try to get him to get some other card

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1. no comment... no Asus expert persay

2. Dual core if he has the need, games will be implementing DC support more so with time! Price the Opteron X2s if he is set on X2... they have more cache but the Model 170 is a bit more money compared to the 3800+
3. Good card!
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