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[US48] Antec Spot Cool *WINNER CHOSEN*

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I have won a couple of freebie's here in the last couple months, so it's my turn to give something back to the community.

I am giving away a brand new, still in the package Antec Spot Cool.
Shipping will be on me to US48.

1. 35+ rep
2. Been a member for 1 year.
3. List at least one thing you are thankful for.
4. Any more than 1 post in this thread will be disqualified.

Freebie will end at 101 post or Thanksgiving evening which ever comes first.
Winner will be picked out of a hat by my daughter Jessica.
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in! I am thankful for this forum since it has helped me out tons and i'm very grateful to all the helpful members
I am thankful for the inclusion of the freebies section on this amazing site...and this awesome freebie

I am also thankful for the members who take there time to offer up freebies

*wipes off nose*

I am in

Im thankful for having toilet paper! (yes I know, but what would we do without it)
in thank you, and i am thankful for this wonderful ocn community and the many things ive learned from you guys
Pick me!

I am thankful for God and my wife!
Count me in!

I'm thankful for Ayn Rand... Just started reading Atlas Shrugged today and it's unbelievable! (Just had to tell someone lol!).
Give it to the babe.
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I am thankful for this community who helped me build my first computer which saved my a load of money.

Thankful to my grandma for paying for my computer parts

I'm thankful That my dad beat cancer!
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Thankful that the kids are still with us.(there is a thread about it in off topic if you are so inclinded to read it)
i'm in!
i need something on my ram after i gave my 80mm xiggy fan to a friend
I'll be a member for a year in less than a week, I hope that doesn't disqualify me. Especially since I have plenty of rep

Anywho, I am very grateful for all of the awesome freebies such as this one the members of this community so graciously give.
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I am thankful to be born into a "first world" country, and not have to suffer as people do in other parts on the planet.
I'm in, thanks.
Thankful for lots of stuff... hmm, one thing, family I suppose.
I'm in. Awesome freebie.
I am thankful for this great ocn community!
I'm in for sure!


Originally Posted by unknownSCL
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I'm thankful That my dad beat cancer!


I'm thankful that my mom beats the crap out of cancer every day (cancer doctor) and that I may be a medical physicist in the future.
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