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[US48]Thermalright sticker!

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KitRae is the winner of this fabulous prize!
PM sent.
Thanks for playing everybody!

Hey guys.
This thing's just sitting around.

Who wants it?

-9 rep, OR member since August
-intention to actually use it.

I will pay shipping.

Please only post once.

I will randomize a winner on Monday the 23rd at 5pm central time
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Originally Posted by ßÃöHÃ…ZÃ…RD§pëRM
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im so close to being in .Nice offer

Requirements modified. You're in. lol
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in i like slapping stickers on my rig
I'm in for this. It'll go perfectly with the TRUE I won on here too.
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im in my case is blank and needs some stickers

Originally Posted by KitRae View Post
I'm In, and I will pay the shipping to Canada. Would look good on my M9 Case Window
works for me, should you be drawn.
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I've always wanted a Thermalright-cooled laptop!

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I love stickers, and own some thermalright stuff. IN!!!
12 ppl on the list

Random.org will do the honors

and the winner is : KitRae!

Thanks for playing guys!
I'll do some better freebies in the near future!
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doh I was late
Missed it by just a few minutes!
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