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Well as most of you may know if you played on the OCN TF2 server there were a few [USA] guys on there(me being one of them). Just recently we decided to create our own gaming community and setup a forums and TF2 server of our own. We have had quite a lot of complements on how it has been run and the professional environment that is being shown. So in saying that everyone who plays TF2 is welcomed to join up on our server anytime they wish, some more info is down below:

Hostname/IP: tf2.usagaming.net
Port: 27015

It's fairly vanilla, with a few mods that do not change gameplay.

Mostly stock, with shi.tty maps taken out (Map Vote anyway)

  • Critical Hits = Off
  • Fixed Spread = On
  • No Random Damage(Coming Soon!)
  • Round Limit = Variable by map
    • Most maps are 2 rounds. Each team gets a chance to attack and defend
    • PLR is 1 round. One excruciating round of Payload Race
    • Multi-stage maps are a variable of 2. Each team gets a chance to attack and defend per stage.
  • RTV
  • Nominate
  • Map Vote at end of round
  • HLStatsX
  • Boom Headshot sound
  • Weed taunt for Kritzkreig
  • Vote Scramble
  • AFK Manager
  • Team Balancer
  • RTrigs for Round Triggers
    • Alltalk at end of round
    • Friendly fire at end of round
  • Pregame Mayhem
    • Friendly fire at beginning of round (with 60% crits)

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Well now that you know a little bit about the server, I would like to tell you about an event that we are having. It'll be our first one so we aren't expecting a HUGE turnout, but we are hoping for at least 12 participants. Anyone can join weather you are good or not, just for the fun and experience. So here it is, officially announcing the [USA] Gaming Community TF2 Soldier Tournament! But not just any old tournament, it is a Soldier Bout! Yes, that's right you heard me a 1v1 soldier-on-soldier battle to see who is the best on the battlefield! We will need as many people to sign up as possible, so if you know any friends that like to play soldier shoot them on over here to give this a try. Unfortunately there are no prizes, but you do get damn good bragging rights. Down below are the rules.

1. The round will be the best to 25 kills, 1 round, all or nothing so bring your A game.
2. Use of any and all soldier gear is allowed(ex: Direct Hit, Gunboats, etc...)
3. Spawn camping is NOT allowed, doing so will result in a forfeit.
4. No crits, fixed spread and faster respawn will be on.
5. There will be no time limit, keep battling till you get 25 kills!
6. Quick capping of the points is not allowed unless agreed upon by both players to move onto a new area(on Hydro).
7. You must record a demo and PM it to me so I can go over it and then list the result.
8. Times can be worked out by the opposing participates(come up with a time that works for you both). Let me know what time you settled on via PM.
9. Maps will be decided on by a coin flip from Random.org. Let me know which map each player would like to play on and I will flip the coin to see whos map gets chosen.
10. One or both participants can PM me.

Maps:(Subject to Change)
• ctf_well
• cp_badlands
• ctf_sawmill
• koth_viaduct
• ctf_turbine
• cp_granary

Sign up now:

Or shoot on over to the forums to get more info on it.

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Not sure if people look that far down the list. Lol
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