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so im having some issues getting this set up correctly. I just built a new pc due to my old trusty z87 board deciding to give up. I want to "plumb" it in for the long haul (aka: finishing zip tying my wires into their perma spots etc) but I cant until I have this last thing sorted.

I use ALOT of storage. I run a plex server and have a minor emulation obsession among other things. Also learned the value of backup the hard way.

I have roughly 35TB of storage and of that 18 is external via usb 3 spread across 3 drives. These are my plex drives and I have no reason, nor will I ever have any reason to boot from them.

When I have them connected to the PC, it takes such a long time to get past the boot screen that for awhile I thought my pc was locking up. It isnt, if i just wait it out, it takes the same amount of time, every time. If i disconnect them, its much quicker. (not as quick as if I had much less storage internally, but quick enough to live with).

After digging until my eyes cross - some mobos allow you to completely disable booting from USB. I could not find it in my asus. A work around i discovered was plugging in a passive usb hub. This does the trick. My drives still seem to spin down. Theyre never accessed several at once so the bandwidth isnt impeded, and it removes the boot time handicap.

In the end my options are to have this usb hub/dongle hanging from the back of my pc, or have the drives plugged in as theyre supposed to be (to the mobo) which i'd prefer the latter.

Can anyone explain to me how to accomplish this?

if i disable legacy usb boot, the only items that show in the boot list are my m.2 and my mini 128gb usb flash drive (which does affect boot time but if i set it to disabled in the boot list, it removes that handicap)

for some reason the other drives arent in the boot list regardless of legacy boot being enabled or disabled, yet they still seem to be crippling the pc at boot up.

Enabling legacy boot allows me to choose between auto/cd/hdd/floppy on them etc. However preliminarily it seems to affect nothing.
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