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Here is a little guide to making a USB LED light
you lanparty'ers may find this helpful to see your keyboard with

What you'll need
A USB cable
soldering iron
wire cutters and strippers
heatshrink or electrical tape

Cut off the end of the USB find the black and red wires and strip them

find the black and red wires and strip them

Once stripped put a heatshrink on it if your usining heatshrink then solder the Black wire to the tail to the smaller led head and the red to the bigger

When your done soldering either heat your heatshrink or put on your electrical tape .

now plugg it in and watch it glow... OOOO purdy

Hope this guide was worth the burn on my index finger

Enjoy and mod hard

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Originally Posted by MikeCorti

lol, I ended up cutting it all off and redoing the whole thing, and now when I tough the wire tips to the LED it wont work at all... Sigh. Oo well. It was fun while it lasted
It works is what matters, just not for me =P

one thing to note is that LED's are not all the same some require more volatge than others you may of just had one that only takes a little bit and over powered it

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