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USB Shorting Out

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On my Armor case, the top two USB ports short out whenever anything gets plugged in.

To test them, I plugged in an old USB keyboard, and sparks literally shoot out of them. Then I get pop up in windows telling me I've exceeded the power limit for that USB port.

What in the world is causing this? Last thing I need to do is fry an iPod.
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DUDE! thats how i fried my ipod, my top two usb ports shorted and fried my ipod and usb stick.

I now just use the usbs on the mobo

I still dont know to this day whats the problem, one day they worked the next boom!
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That happens alot, because teh two entries, after some time and some moving/open case , close case, move case, start touching and short-circuit.
If you need those ports get a hub and an usb extension cable.
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