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Its been some years now i had to give up permanent OC when i am using the USB TV Tuner (LifeView "NotOnlyTV" LV5HD Hybrid). and i am using the Tuner everyday ...

When the PC is OCed even slightly, this tuner exhibits various symptoms, all leading to not function at all or not work properly. I think i narrowed it down maybe that for some reason it doesn't like the Bus Speed *BClock) changed above the stock 133 Mhz ...

i searched this back when i bought this but with no success and i am thinking of giving it one last try before i ditch it ....

What / why could possible annoy a USB tv tuner from the OCing ? Why / how the change in Bus Speed affects it ? ....

I have tried watching all sort of movies (full HD 1080 for example) from a USB stick or USB hard drive, even 2.5" USB drive (no external power) with no issues when OCing.
I have tried all USB ports. Same behavior.
I also tested watching TV with different software. Same behavior.

Any ideas?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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