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Use 2nd HDD for storage?

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Hey guys,

I've been dual-booting with 2 HDDs (one OS on each) and I was wondering if I should just use Win 7 on one HDD with small applications and store everything else on 2nd HDD? Would that speed up my boot time considerably? By considerably, I'm thinking 5-10 seconds? Because the primary OS (Vista) has only 100 GB of about 225 free...while Win 7 has 200+ free...so maybe keep Win 7, re-format other HDD and install apps there from now on?
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Yes that would work. It may speed up your boot time if you short stroke the hard drive.
Yep, first hdd short stroke 50/60gb for OS and second hdd for pure storage. Your boot time will decrease.
Would the same thing work with creating 2 partition's on each HDD (60 GB, 190gb) and (250 gb) so the 60 GB goes for OS, the 190 and 250 for storage?
OK, so small applications (Firefox, etc) on my OS drive (max 50-60GBs) on my primary drive and use up the secondary drive to the max? Big increase in time? My OS is corrupted...that's why I'm asking.
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