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Using 2 Pots to Lower Resistance

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There is a way to use two 1k Ohm pots as a 500 Ohm pot, right? What is that way? Or what if I set it at 500 ohms then soldered it?
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What's the adjustable range of the 1kΩ pot?
If you are using the pot as a three-terminal device with the center tap used to adjust for a particular voltage, and the circuit where the pot is being placed requires a 500ohm impedance, then all you need to do is put a 1kohm fixed resistor in parallel with the primary terminals of the 1kohm pot (not the wiper terminal).

I am making a lot of assumptions about the circuit where this will be placed (for example the impedance seen by the wiper terminal is assumed to be high, much greater than 500 ohms).

Let me know some additional details and I confirm that this solution will work for you.
I am doing a volt mod on my GPU and can't find any 500ohm pots so I figured just wire two in parallel which appears to be what needs to happen. Thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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