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Using a recovery disk with a new mobo/build... help please =)

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2 years ago I bought an Hp from Circut City, and this has been my main pc since. I upgraded the ram, psu and video card since I got it, but I have been wanting to get a motherboard and processor. When I bought the pc it came with vista 32 installed, but no physical copy of vista. I made recovery disks for the pc and was wondering if they would work if I were to get a nmew mobo/processor/ram/hd, you know a new build, would the hp recovery disks install the os on the new build?

I really want to keep vista for now as I've gotten used to it and I really do not want to buy a new copy of it. Thanks
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In theory, it should work. However always when swapping out hardware without a reinstall there are big chances of incompatibilities such as drivers and stuff. The chances are you will have to re-purchase Vista because you will no longer be able to activate it since you've swapped out almost everything. Vista will just detect it as a new machine and refuse to activate.

There may be a problem that the HP recovery discs will look at the hardware and think "hey, this isn't a HP machine" and just refuse to install. In that case you'll have to find yourself a Vista disc. The only way to find out is try it.
Legally, the EULA doed not allow the transfer of an OEM operationg system to another computer.

Practically, your recovery disks have the device drivers for the old components (Chipset, Video, CPU, etc), not the new ones. The system will not boot, and even if it would, it will not successfully complete the MS authentification process. You need to use an original install disk to to a Repair Install to get those drivers installed.

As for authentification, if you can get a post and boot, MS is pretty good about issuing new keys (over the phone).

Without at leaast an original operating system install disk, you're going to need to part with some cash.
That's pretty much what I thought. Thanks for the info.
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