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using Atom n270 WITHOUT fan?

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I have an acer aspire one 501h (slim model) and I have been using AA1FC to control the fan so far. I been thinking about not using the fan at all. My temps are about 62 idle says aa1fc BUT coretemp reports -10C+ from that, what to believe? load is about 63c (coretemp) and 77-79c (aa1fc)

Worst case scenario: The fan control app is right.
Can I run the n270 at 80C safely?

I just found out myself, i stressed the cpu and when it hit 81 (aa1fc) the computer immediately shut down.
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lol If you find a good heat sink you can prob.. run with no fan.. I had one with a good size heat sink and no fan and it ran great but a little on the warm side
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