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Using speed gear (slow motion) to gain inflated 3dm scores?

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Is this possible, planning to have a go at it at a reasonable down clocked speed set in speed gear enabling me to slow down the application and therefore giving the card/cpu etc more time to buffer/render etc the image being displayed and therefore giving me a higher score?

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You want to cheat on a benchmark? I'm sure they have checks against being able to validate such scores if it did work.
Not really, my e-peen is satisfied with its greatness at the moment, its simply an experiment to see whether actually slowing down the picture displayed will enhance performance. I couldn't care less about how good my ranking are in reality, its just for scientific purposes.
To see what would happen and if it works, for curiosities sake.
I think the only way your going to get an answer is to try this yourself. I doubt many people have tried this.
Excellent, a world first, see theres another reason.

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To see what would happen and if it works, for curiosities sake.

heh...for the sake of controversy.
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You can do it, but if you do it on hwbot your score gets rejected. These scores are obviously modified and are MUCH higher than normal. IE: setting a world record with a rig that would normally score 1/5 of a WR score.
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