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UT3 + Vista + 4870x2 = Drops to 40+fps

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I hear a lot of people complaining about this issue as well. For my example, I'd play on DM Shangri La with 15 bots, and sometimes it'd drop to about 45fps on Vista, where it'd be at around 90fps in XP. I don't get such drastic slowdowns in any other game either.

Disabling Catalyst A.I. (and one GPU) halves my framerate in menus, but I get the SAME fps in-game as if it were enabled. I really don't understand why there would be such a huge difference in performance going from XP to Vista. Other games, including other UT3-engine based games such as GoW suffer from no such slowdowns.

Anyone else have any experience with this? I really don't want to install XP just for UT3, as much as I love the game.

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Well for one XP is DX9 Vista obviously DX10.

As for my experience with UT3, I was getting some pretty crappy framerates when I finally realized I had everything set to max quality in CCC so it was trying to run @ 24xAA. Set everything in there to application controlled, and the others to quality. I bet your FPS will jump up.
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Hmm, well UT3 is a DX9 game. Also, "forcing" DX9 doesn't help my FPS either (I tried regardless).

Also, my CCC settings are all set to Application Controlled, so that wouldn't be the issue either. And I noticed you're using XP SP3, and I do get rather awesome performance on that. It's just a Vista x64 thing.
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Yes. Your Right. A lot of people complain about that. I get similiar problems as well.
They even released a map Deck FPS with the removed useless crap that makes lag to counter fps drops on Deck.
I guess they wasted their effort because it's not the map's fault but games' poor Vista 64compatibility.

Instead of releasing new patch with useless crap Epic should of addressed this issue instead IMO.
its the same with me too.
but I guess we just have to live with it!:/
I love the game, but I hate the video settings. I wish it had a simpler layout. Settings for resolution, detail level(s), view distance, AA, AF, and shadows would have been enough. Instead they have all that "flip mip-map in peg hole force mode" check boxes which mean absolutely nothing to me.
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Actually 1 of the checkboxes that says remove 1 frame lag,
helped me very much with it checked my mouse feels much more responsive,
and I end up with substantially higher scores and win games!

But the fps problems and overall ugly characters and useless map design like tentacles, make me want to throw up :-(

But also 1 of the improvments in the patch adds a nameplate to the enemy, which can be seen at all times, which is admitting that the textures have so much parts that before you couldn't even see the enemy! At least now you see their nameplate.
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