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UV dyes deep red and dark purple

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i need some nice uv dies for a dual loop

cpu/nb loop deep purple

gpu loop dark red

im looking for stuff thats pretty high quality and wont fade

thanks guys
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so these are what you would recommend?

(curious) why over any other brand?
hmm nice anyone else?

i might get one from each just to try
I have use the Primo chilled dye bombs with distilled and a few drops of pt nuke. I let it run for a few hours it almost completely dissappeared. I flushed the system and refilled and after running for a while the water gets a blue tint. I have to clean out the blocks because thats where it all is. I have tried the UV blue tracer dye and it works great but I dont think they sell UV Red or Purple.
If you're looking for a DEEP purple, you might try the Feser Black dye and just use a little.
Neither feser view or the uv pt dye gave me a satisfactory red color no matter how much I added. The pt was very pink, and the feser was orange. I've drained my loop and when it is reassembled i'm just gonna forget the dye. Its messy, and not worth it after my experience. Good luck
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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