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Because the benchmarks are quite different.

Heaven is more geometry heavy and Valley stresses memory better.

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I guess I'll post in this thread since my question might be relevant here.
First off I like to over clock old Dell computers. Workstations, old Pentium 4 beasts with Core2 extremes. I decided to try a low end $20 Optiplex 380 that I thought had some hidden potential. i started with simple drop in mods that anybody could do for my baseline.
Q9505S 65W 2.83GHz. (2.9 now) 8GB DDR3 1066 RAM, 120GB SSD, and Zotac GTX1050Ti 4GB mini.
It runs all the benchmarks (FS, SD, CZ,CB,PM,GB,3DM11) just fine and scores 93fps in Heaven, and 61fps in Valley.
But in Valley it Has an issue. 15fps minimum. It seems to hang alittle every now and then. Mostly when panning or zooming out and there is a lot of new scenery to draw.
I can think of a couple things this could be.
1- The dreaded CPU bottleneck. But Firestrike is OK so I don't think that's it.
2- The 4GB GPU is taking up too much system ram and it's a RAM bottleneck. Windows Performance page says 3.7GB RAM "shared" with GPU.

I have a similar performing GTX760 ITX 2GB that I haven't tried yet. It would require a PSU upgrade and I want to explore the budget mods first.
Does anybody know if the 4GB GPU / Valley combo requires over 8GB RAM? I'm already running 2x what Dell says it supports.
I advise people at Tomshardware about upgrading old delll office computers so I would like to know if the 4GB GPU is a step too far.

I went to Game Debate and ran the Can I Run it program and found out that 16GB RAM is recommended. 8GB is the minimum. I think the 4GB GPU is making it worse. It will be funny if a game improves with a lesser GPU. Yheir result said it would run 100% on low, and "Too Buggy" due to the RAM issue. The Xeon 5470 I plan on swapping in seems to be just right though.
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