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Value RAM Timings and OCing

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ok well my ram is running at 240 and i figured out how to access my advanced settings in the bios and tried to tigten the timings to 3-3-3-6 from 3-3-3-8, stable so far, but when i had it ad 2.5-3-3-6 it was artifacting...

which timings should i play with? (just say the 1st or second number or w/e because its ligned up that way in the bios lol)

but should i leave the CAS latency and go for the other ones or what?
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Good questions--that is seriously OCed RAM--if I understand 200 to by stock--in general the higher you clock the memory the slacker you will need to go with the timings--as far as performance goes it's really a matter of using the same benches repeatedly with different setttings to see if more speed is better than tighter timings--because you can't have them both... Have you tired upping the voltage regarding your stability issue? In general DDR 400 ValueRam will respond to 2.5 3 3 7 up to about half what you are OCing at (ie 220) so having to slack off to 3338 to get up to 240 is no nig deal as far as a performance hit.

The first timing is probably the one that makes the most improvement,but has the least adjustment (like .5) although the last of the timings usualy can be tweaked the most (like 2 points) the performance gain is minimal.

Unstable RAM is pretty useless (like for Folding, etc) so Underclocking the RAM or at least keeping it close to stock is a pretty common way of cranking the FSB and CPU into the stratosphere--looks like you are already there!
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