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Value RAM Timings and OCing

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ok well my ram is running at 240 and i figured out how to access my advanced settings in the bios and tried to tigten the timings to 3-3-3-6 from 3-3-3-8, stable so far, but when i had it ad 2.5-3-3-6 it was artifacting...

which timings should i play with? (just say the 1st or second number or w/e because its ligned up that way in the bios lol)

but should i leave the CAS latency and go for the other ones or what?
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Hmm, I guess you upped your vdimm and that helped huh?
Yea, that's a pretty wicked OC. Now just up your CPU multiplier to get a better CPU clock

I was going to suggest that you back your tRas (fourth number) to 8 so that ou could lower your CAS to 2.5, since looser tRas numbers often provide decent stability for CAS to cope with. Guess you don't need to do that anymore though!
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