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Value RAM Timings and OCing

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ok well my ram is running at 240 and i figured out how to access my advanced settings in the bios and tried to tigten the timings to 3-3-3-6 from 3-3-3-8, stable so far, but when i had it ad 2.5-3-3-6 it was artifacting...

which timings should i play with? (just say the 1st or second number or w/e because its ligned up that way in the bios lol)

but should i leave the CAS latency and go for the other ones or what?
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El-cheapo memory can be surprising at times...my A-DATA junk is running at 235 MHz with timings of 2.5-2-4-6 and those timings were auto detected by my mother board...I figured they wouldn't get much better so I left them there. I have had it running at 250...but the timings had to loosen up. This is at 2.65 volts too.

RAM is my next major purchase, but I keep puting it off since this stuff seems to be working fine...honestly I'd love it if a stick were to die
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