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Vantage doesn't start

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I'm trying to run vantage on my sig rig and it just stays at this stage and never continues. I tried running it the other day on the same system, but in vista 64 and it didn't run either.

Vantage starts and gives me the options, but as soon as I select "run benchmark" it stays at this same point. It says it might take a while, but whats a while. I went and took a shower, then shaved and when I came back it still was at the same spot.
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I'd try reinstalling, and/or googling the issue. Could be related to DirectX or something else Vantage is dependent on. You could always try a reboot, as well.
I've rebooted a bunch of times. It's happened on two different OS with the same system and 2 of the same mb. I did some googling and it seems that there have been a few occurrences, mostly with Gigabytes P55 line up. The issues seems to have been resolved with a bios update.

But some people with the same mb as mine say that it has worked on different bios versions, not just the latest.
I downloaded the latest one just yesterday and I assume that it includes the hotfix patch since it's the same number for both the hotfix and the latest dl? Or I might be wrong.

Well it seems that the problem is partially solved. They don't run when my blu-ray drive is connected. After disconnecting the blu-ray drive, they ran fine.

Did some runs with some modest clocks and this is what i got.

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If you downloaded the full latest it will have the hotfix in it already. Does it give you any errors in event viewer? Not sure though have you tried compatibility mode on it. Though you shouldn't but perhaps this should help.

Have you installed the stand alone openAL drivers yet just to try and see if it helps?
I downloaded all of the latest drivers when I did this fresh w7 install a few days ago. The problem has something to do with my blu-ray drive. I read on the furmark forums something about blu-ray drive compatability. It seemed like to much of a fluke. After nothing else worked, I gave it a shot and disconnected the drive. After that, everything worked fine.
maybe a loose bluray connection then. firmware update?
Glad you got it sorted then. Post some benchmarks then.
This is my last vantage run, and I have an 06 run up above. The 06 can use a lot more tweaking. I don't think that I can get much more out of the video card for vantage, but I'm sure that I can run it at higher cpu clocks. I ran it at 4.3ghz, which are my daily clocks. I had backed down to 4.2ghz for a while to check some things out.
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Pretty good score there. Can't wait to see your 06 score then, i would say around *20K - 21K* in that range though.
My 06 score is a little over 20k but I'm sure that I can get it over 21k with some tuning. This score is at 4.2ghz, and low gpu clocks.

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See i'm good i was pretty close to what you would get. I say if you clock the card i would say 23k would be pretty easy then.
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