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Sooo, I have been looking around and noticed there are quite a few people with CSS and coding experience. I have an issue with my current forums that I can't seem to find the solution to. So I am hoping one of you fine fellows can assist me in doing so.

Here is the issue
We are using vBulletin Version 4.0.3 just in case that helps.)

First the images:

Main Forum Page

Main Category/Subtopic Page

Main Thread Page

2nd look at Category Page

2nd look at Thread Page

So as you can see, my issue is that the first two subforums have a full white background behind it to where the third part of the subforums does not and I cannot find a place to change that. I am hoping someone here knows what I need to be looking for as it is really the only thing left to change. if you need to see more you can visit usagaming.net and just click through some categories to see what I am talking about. Thanks in advance for any help with this, I hope it can be solved simply.
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