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450 Watts TDP, wow. That's without any overclocking and it's air-cooled, your case better have some great airflow to dissipate that kind of heat. Will it be 3 8-pin PCIe connectors?

It'll be great to have 450 Watts TDP during the winter, not so much during the summer....
Realistically 3090 already is a 450W+ card, it is criminally power starved at 350W. This is exactly the reason why it is only 8-10% faster than 3080. Give both proportional power limits and the difference goes to 18-20% as it should be. So basically 3090 Ti is what 3090 should have been if Nvidia wasn't afraid of 450W TDP, plus no memory on both sides of the PCB nonsense as a bonus.

Still cannot see any point of such late releases though, even if the cards were available. We are like 10 months away from 40 series announcement and they come up with a new flagship, like what for?
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1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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