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[VC]i9-12900K OC'd to 5.2 GHz On PCores Consumes 330W to 400W of Power

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To achieve these results, the leaker overclocked all Golden Cove/Performance/Big cores to 5.2 GHz while he kept Gracemont/Efficient/Atom/Small cores at stock 3.7 GHz. Intel 12th Gen Core series features a new overclocking setting that will allow users to modify the clocks for each type of core, in this case only the big cores were modified.

The leaker claims that the Core i9-12900K with a clock speed of 5.2 GHz and voltage of 1.385V has a power consumption of 330W, which is 2.64x more than the ‘stock’ PL1 value of 125W. Unfortunately, no proof of this power use has been provided.
Unfortunately, neither the motherboard model nor the memory technology used (DDR5 or DDR4) is shown in the screenshots. However, we can quite clearly see that the CPU-Z software correctly reads the specifications and the CPU name string from this engineering sample. While the S-Spec string has been scratched off, we can guess that this actually the same sample that has already been pictured by YuuKi_AnS earlier this month.

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Pricing doesn't seem bad, assuming it really is comparable to the $800 5950x like the benchmarks show. It's nice now that all the companies have agreed to not compete on price and just make prices as high as the market will tolerate.

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Rumor is Intel is going to release a binned CPU, i9-12900KS that will have a default all core turbo of 5.2GHz. Will be interesting to see the power draw on it
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