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VCore automatically increasing???

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I have set everything related to V to Auto in my P5N32-E SLI mobo and raised my FSB from 1066 to 1320.......So core is now running at (1320/4 x 10 = 3.30GHz) and RAM unlinked and running at 812.5 at stock settings....But when i just used NVIDIA Monitor, it showed my vCore at 1.45 and RAM Volt at 2.0 V....Will the mobo automatically raise the voltages to the CPU and RAM??
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Your vcore will raise up and down if you set it on Auto, and that's not recommended for overclockers. 1.45vcore a lot for 3.3GHz. You can possibly do that with 1.4v or less.

Manually set your vcore.
Ah, thats fine mate......Thanx a lot...
yeah, i'd try to inch the V Core down a bit at a time and get it as low as you can go without losing stability. i've never owned an E6700, but i think you might be able to get it as low as 1.325V with your clock at that speed.
hmm, i have reduced the core V manulally to 1.325 and still, its staying at 1.45...Ram V has come down to 1.90...Plz help me reduce this one...btw, all other voltages are set to Auto in mobo...
Any help??? I cant reduce the voltage via mobo.....it shows as 1.35 in settings yet EVEREST and NVIDIA monitor says its 1.45....I am currently running at 325x10(1300FSB)
Hi Redbull1985,

Check to see what vcore the Hardware Monitor in your CMOS (BIOS) setup shows.

I don't own an ASUS P5N32 E SLI 680 so I can't give you exact instructions, but you should be able to get to the hardware monitor screen by doing the following:
  1. Restart your computer and hit the <delete> key to enter the CMOS setup.
  2. Hit the <right arrow> until you get to the "Power" menu and select "Hardware monitor"
See if this agrees with what you are seeing in EVEREST and NVIDIA monitor. I think most folks here will say that what you see in the CMOS setup hardware monitor is the real deal. Some of the windows based monitors display incorrect values.

If the hardware monitor agrees that the vcore is still high, bump the setting down a couple notches, reboot and check the hardware monitor again to see if the change did anything. Remember when you make changes to the CMOS setup they don't take effect until you reboot.

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I have checked and yes, its staying at 1.45 volt as soon as i increase FSB...All auto settings were set to disabled and yet, once i cross 1300 FSB the volt is bumped to 1.45........In the Overclock screen, its showing as 1.3 which i even reduced to 1.2 to make sure it wasnt just the mobo overvolting....Whatever i change, Vcore is at 1.45 in the above shown voltage monitor screen...Didnt try reducing FSB though......
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