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vdimm & vcore mods for ASUS M2N-E SLI

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I would like some help volt modding my motherboard. I need to know what points to read from and what kind of resistor to use? I have took some pics of my motherboard, and have a good idea where my vcore is (shown in the the pic below).

Maxx voltage via bios is 1.95vdimm and 1.25vcore.

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ok i got the vcore modded, and it worked! woot! i have yet to try vdimm but thats soon to come.

anyways for anyone else trying to mod this board here's the diagram i usedhttp://www.fly-well.com.tw/Products/...ek/RT9246A.pdf. you want to solder the resistor between the "FB" pin and ground, and reduce the resistance to in increase the volts.

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hey thanks dude i've been looking for a voltmod for this board for a while! hopefully i'l get time in a few weeks to try it out
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I realize this thread is old as the hills, but I've just acquired an m2n-sli board and am making a classic pc gaming machine with it. I'm addicted to overclocking, and 1.2 vcore with an Athlon 64 X2 3800+ makes me sad. The link for the diagram is down, do you happen to have it downloaded onto your machine, or know where i can get it otherwise. There is not much info for volt modding this board anymore as its popularity has fell by the wayside. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am completely new to volt modding, but am fairly good with a soldering iron, and am not afraid to get my hands (or hardware) dirty.
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