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Velcro Your Fan!! (56k warning!)

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Often we would like to attach our fans so that their vibrations are not transmitted to our cases. While we could use "rubber screws" a.k.a. "vibration isolators" (the best of which is here), sometimes a fan must go in a closed space. Or we have a 140mm fan with 120mm screw holes, and it must go where there are only 140mm screw holes. Or we have a 140mm fan that we want to use in a 120mm window, and our only 140mm fan has 140mm screw holes. Or we want to use a 200mm fan and the screw holes do not match the ones on our case. The answer is Velcro.

In particular, we need Velcro squares.

Now, you could cut squares from Velcro strips, or you could just buy Velcro squares:

When you pull them out, they look like this (sorry about the fuzzy image):

Cut them into strips:

Then slap them together and cut the paper to separate the squares:

Now take your razor blade and cut the squares diagonally, to make nice Velcro sandwiches:

Pull off one side. Make sure it is the same side. I decided that I wanted to put the fuzzy bits on the fan, so I pulled off the paper on the fuzzy side of the half-sandwiches:

Stick them on the corners of a fan:

Now pull off the paper from the other sides of the half-sandwiches:

Ooh. The fan is ready to stick on something:

Slap it on:


And now you can pull it off:

Here's a closeup - fuzz on the fan, loops on the mounting surface:

And that is how you can use Velcro to mount a fan on something. I'm sure all sorts of wonderful ideas will spring into your fertile imaginations.
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The question becomes - how reliable is the glue?
I'd hate for one of my fans to fall off and go clunking about in my case decapitating anything that got in it's way..

Good idea, but I'd be hesitant until someone ran it for a month or more.
The adhesive itself is strong but the Velcro cling is pretty bad...expect to have to reattach it every few weeks...
I never really though about it but it would be a great idea. The only thing i would be worried about is how temperature would affect the adhesiveness of the glue but otherwise I think it would be a great Idea for making a case sound quieter
When I was younger, I had Velcro shoes, damn stuff would never stay stuck for a whole day...
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Good post as usual ehume.

I've been doing this for a long while now and have had no problems with fans detatching or working loose. And I'm using proper fans, heavy Gentle Typhoons with this method, in both my sig rig and my home server.

I generally buy the long rolls of velcro but I love how organised you have it all with the little sandwiches of usefulness!

To anyone in doubt, this method is well worth trying out. Worrys about the adhesive strength or the hook/fuzz attachment strength are misguided. Once you increase the surface area of the attachment point enough it doesn't really matter if one small part is weak, it will hold and it will hold well. I've moved cases around that have this sort of mount inside without even thinking about it. No issues.

I also mount my SSDs in my case with velcro.

Originally Posted by ElementR
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3M Dual Lock is MUCH better then Velcro...

This seems like a great idea.

If some are worried about the Velcro holding, either try the Dual Lock or use a whole square of Velcro. Or maybe most of a square with just a corner cut off. Get creative, people!

Edit: I mount not only my SSD's with the stuff, but I mount my CCFL transformer to the top of my case with it:

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I use black dye blutak. Way easier & acts as a sound dampening material.
dammit having such a hard time finding those 3M Dual Locks =/
Originally Posted by MoYu View Post

dammit having such a hard time finding those 3M Dual Locks =/
RadioShack has em if there is one around you.
I went two different Rona stores, two different home depot stores and they didnt carry it, went to michael's (craft store) did not have it, went to my two closest staples and it was OOS, had to drive quite a bit to buy 4 measly pieces of velcro for $3.99


edit: nvm just opened the package to play with it, and i think this was totally worth those four bucks! this actually takes a little effort to pull apart XD
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Is industrial strength velcro (Velcro brand) only related to the adhesive? I'm in the hardware store now and I'm trying to figure out if just the sticky back would be sufficient.

Edit; I wound up going with the general purpose stick back stuff.
Velcro is great! And not just for mounting fans.
I use 10mm Black Velcro One Wrap Cable Tie Hook & Loop Strap for cable organizing.. both in and out of case.

Add stick on pads to secure to case as needed.
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Nice... I might just do this for my scratch HTPC build so that there's no screw holes.
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