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Very new to overclocking :)

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Hi all, Very new to overclocking so will be asking some reasonably basic questions

Great site by the way.
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Fire at will!

I am by no means an old hand @ overclocking, but thanks to this site, primarily, plus perhaps 2 or 3 other sites here and there, I am confidently chugging along happy with my 3675 output from my unlocked 3000 stock Phenom. Good luck!

You found an awesome site, helpful peeps, great resources, reliable info.
welcome here
and I sugges tu first read all the stickies fro mall the forums
thatll clear the basics
welcome! post up your system specs when you get a chance.
Hi and welcome
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welcome dude, i just joined myself and already noticed its a great site to learn from
Check out my overclocking guide. May help you with a lot of your questions.
Welcome to the forums Robo, I love the name.
Welcome to the forum
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