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Very Strange Vizio Problems

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I've been using my Vizio VO22LF for about a month now and love it. The whole time I've been using 1920x1080 for my desktop resolution, it was sitting in the Properties > Setting. I was turning off my computer, noticed there was a Windows update and didn't really think about it. I turn it back on and the desktop looks really squished. I notice the resolution is now at 1920x1200, but when I push "Guide" it says it's displaying at 1600x1200. I tested out all the resolutions to see what the monitor said they were and it read as such:

Real Resolution - Monitor is displaying
1360x768 - 1360x768
1440x900 - 1200x900
1600x900 - 1200x900
1600x1200 - 1600x1200
1680x1050 - 1024x1024
1920x1200 - 1600x1200
1920x1440 - Not Supported.
2048x1536 - Not Supported.

I also tried launching TF2 & CSS, each at which I have set to 1920x1080 in the launch options - it's been working fine - it now says "Not Supported" when I try to launch the games.

Also, when I use to change the ratio to 16:9 for CS:S, it use to say "1920x1080" as an option. It now as magically disappeared.

PowerStrip also says 1600x1200 is my max resolution.
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Perhaps re-install the videocard drivers?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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