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VF3000A new installation/high load temps on 5850.

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I was having issues with the temperature on my 5850 due to dust and high ambient temps, so I asked people on xs.org what would be a nice replacement. They recommended the VF3000A w/stock heatsinks base plate for the RAM/VRM. I went out and bought one today, and my temps are INSANE. 40c idle, 100+c load. It BSOD's after hitting 103c.

Anyone run into issues like this with a VF3000A on a slightly overvolted but not overclocked 5850? I'm trying to make use of this overclock, but the aftermarket heatsink is worse than the stock heatsink with a bad bearing. It's also noisier :|

I bought the last one in stock, and am more than willing to return it, even with a restocking fee. What's an alternative to cool the 5850 aside from what I already have? Should I grab a VF3000N? Ideas?

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This cooler is supposed to load in the 60's, something's very wrong with your mounting/TIM.

Also, lol @ AXP for $40, you've gotta be kidding... The AXP has never and will never hit $40 unless it's a special sale. I think someone's thinking about the Twin Turbo which is rubbish for these cards.

EDIT: Ok, I take that back, it's available for $40 in the UK. But that's still without the RAM/VRM heatsinks...

Last edit: I had to :O at "it's extremely loud" when you have an Ultra Kaze in there. U mad, that cooler is broken.
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