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VGA Cooler

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What fan do you guys recommend putting on my 7800gt to keep it cool while o/cing?

Here's the catch though, I have a Zalman NB47J passive cooler on my asus a8n-e, so I need something that will fit with that there.

The arctic silence 5 won't fit cuz it's too big, but I'm unsure if the zalman vf700 will fit or not. Does anyone have experience with a similar setup?

Also, I was thinking I may wait to get an arctic cooling accelero x1, or the new zalman cooler which is slim (I only read about that briefly)

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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mate for a 7800 I would reccommend mine to anyone and I suspect alot of people would back me up on it, NV silencer5 rev3 its only about £10 but I have got some good speeds overclocking mine and the temp never goes above 40 even when I play BF2 for 4/5 hours on end

Got mine form micro direct take a look
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