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Vid card Issue or what?

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My wife's vid card didn't give a signal to the monitor today so I replaced it with another one and it worked. She restarted it and no signal again so I put the monitor input cord into the second vid card output and there was signal again. She restarted it again later and the same thing happened. I just noticed that the DVI cable was pulled tight in a downward motion so I gave it some slack and it did it again. After the first time it did not work, the resolution would not go above 1280 x 800. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

1st card - 8500gt
2nd card - 8600gt
I changed drivers and that helped the resolution problem.
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Two bad completely different video cards in a row? Maybe the monitor or cable is to blame. If you have a spare monitor or DVI cable try that if the problem occurs again.
Ok so an update on what's going on. I switched out 2 DVI and 2VGA cables, Took out all for memory sticks and used them one x one, 3 PSU's, 3 other PCIe vid cards (have not tried a pci card yet), upgraded bios, Cleared CMOS, unhooked everything but the vid card, none of this fixes my issue. I have noticed that after sitting for a bit it will start right up but as soon as I restart then half the time I get no video and have to shut down 1-2 times before it comes back. The mobo is an ECS RX480-A with Award Bios. Its has a setting for PCIE reset delay but I have no clue what that does. Please if someone could give any more suggestions I would appreciate it. BTW I have yet to hear back from the manufacturer techies. If I can't fix it I need to find a AMD 939 board cheap somewhere (Hint-Hint)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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