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Video Card Cunundrum

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I'm looking into selling my 6600GT and purchasing a newer card.
I've been looking at the 6800GS mainly, seeing as 6800GT's seem to be rare for AGP. I'm thinking about buying an XFX card, as I've had good experience with them in the past. So the main question is, anyone have first hand experience with the XFX 6800GS AGP? Also, what aftermarket coolers fit it?
Thanks <3
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ive heard good things of the 6800gs, they oc well and i think they can be unlocked also... im looking to buy one myself...
You can unlock the 6800gs and an unlocked, non overclocked 6800gs is better than a non-overclocked 6800gt. XFX is supposed to be a good brand. Go for it.

Originally Posted by GatorLCA

I know it's OT, but I dont see why so many people get bent out of shape for people wanting to get rid of something, I do see the reasons but I think it should come after a certain amount of time and posts, not rep because Rep can be skewed by those who have more and Rep isn't alwasy given for good answers and helping out,

but back ON topic.....

Being an active member of 9 message boards of various topics, I can clarify this.

The reason they do that is because anyone can join, (in the case of FocalJet) make 100 completely useless posts over a month, then start 'selling' stuff to unsuspecting victims. I've seen it happen, that's why rules like that are in place. It might seem communistic, but trust me, it keeps a lot of ***** from happeneing, which makes the mods and admin's lives WAY easier.

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I have an XFX 6800GS, but I've not been able to use it cause I'm STILL waiting on my replacement mobo. Although I have heard countless positive comments about the performance of the card, so I say go for it man.
What about aftermarket cooling. I was dissapointed in the layout of my 6600GT, the HIS got in the way of me using a Arctic Cooler, or practicly any aftermarket cooler besides the Zalman. Same situation with 6800GS?
I just want to find out about cooling options and how comparable it is to the 6800GT

Originally Posted by CorruptedCard

I just want to find out about cooling options and how comparable it is to the 6800GT

Get a NV Arctic Silencer or Zalman.
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