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Video Card Flash screw up need help

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soo i was stupid enough to flash my 7300GT into a 7600GT (although i quite knew it wont work)

after i restarted the screen just showed lines all over, and the pc wont boot
so i plugged my monitor into the integrated gpu i have and it all works well, so i hoped i could fix the flash but unfortunately every time i plug my gpu in it just blacks the screen and i think it boots but im not sure(doesn't help if i cant see)

is there anyway to reset the bios in the card?

thanks if you can help although i think i screwed it up lol
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see if there's a video boot order in BIOS and set it so the IGP is 1st or the only device selected.

If you memorize the steps needed, you might be able to do a blind flash too.
You can always do a blind flash or use a different PCI card to display along with the 7300 and pick the 7300 to flash
ill try and see if the bios has that option.
otherwise ill try blind flashing
thanks for the help
I did not manage to find a good tut for blind flashing (the above isnt working) could anyone point me to a good working tut

EDIT: nvm found it thanks to the faq post
Right I am happy to say all went well as i followed the tut from the faq post and my GPU is good as new supposedly as its still crap hehe

Thanks for the help
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