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Video Card Not working

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I have a mediocre DELL pc with Nvidia 6150 le graphics, it's bad because it
only has PCI slots, and recently I've purchased a 8400gs PCI, from

sounds good, right?


Doesn't install correctly, when I plug my monitor in it it's just pitch black, and when i look in every kinda of thing like dxdiag, system info, gpu-z ,etc it doesn't show up...

Suggestions on how I can get this piece of crap recognized so I can play L4D2
and get on my merry way? Thank you
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Black at the POST screeen or under Windows?

Originally Posted by Peterrisrad
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No image at all.

OK when you turn on the system there is no image at all?

Does your dell have integrated graphics or is it a PCI graphics card?. Things I would try.

Disable the onboard video if it's integrated. Check all connections, check to see if the fan spins on the card when you turn on the system. Try the card in another system if that's an option

RMA if you still don't get any picture. No picture at all on a new card sounds like something went wrong during shipping. When I got the replacement for my GTX 280 it gave me no picture at all. It came DOA. My second RMA worked fine.
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Yeah I agree with Saulin, it sounds as if your onboard is taking priority and needs to be disabled. Plug your monitor back into the onboard and go into the BIOS and see if you can disable your onboard video.
Still nothin' , works in other systems, suggestions? :/

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Have you tried setting the INIT display first to PEG?
yeahh I've tried practically everything
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