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Video Card Question & Help

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Ok, so I have a HP Pavilion a6332f Desktop PC with a geforce 6150 Integrated graphics at the moment running Vista Home Premium with a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.00GHz and 2942 MB or Ram, so as you may already know I wanna update my video card and was wondering if anyone could have me find something that would run nicely on a 300 Watt PSU that could play mid to high range settings at like 1024*768 resolution on games like the call of duty series, valve games (left for dead, half life, ect), assassins creed, and some other new titles coming out.
Link to my pc specs:

I've been looking on newegg and found this Galaxy 22TGE8HX2IUN GeForce GT 220 1GB that seems it would fix me but i don't know how well it works cause i haven't seen many reviews for it and, also it says Memory Clock800MHz (effective) could someone tell me what that means?
Link to card:

If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.
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In your case, the best graphics card that will be able to be used in your system is probably the ATi HD4670. They're great little cards, and you should have no issues powering your rig with one of them in there, so long as you keep everything at stock.

Good luck, and happy gaming.
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Thanks man, will look into it. =)
I would look into upgrading the power supply. 300W is technically enough for a 4670, but it doesn't leave you with much of a safety margin, and the Bestec units HP uses are very low quality and degrade quickly. There was another thread where this whole topic got thrashed out, another user looking for a similar upgrade. I advise a PSU upgrade, it might work on your stock PSU but it's a big risk since a PSU failure can fry your whole system.

Yea I guess im gong to have to update the PSU maybe get something from 450-500 cheap on ebay or a local store.

Also, I've been looking around newegg some more and found this XFX GeForce GT 240 1GB that looks like it would work real well if I update the PSU, you think my system could handle it if I did update to a 500 watt?

If it's a quality 500W, yes. Quality is more important than wattage rating, I'd pick a Corsair VX550W over a Tagan Turbojet 1100W any day. The Corsair CX400W is $50, and is my minimum pick for mid-range PSUs.

The GT240 should perform in the same range as the 4670. I think there's the Radeon 4670, GeForce 9600GT, and GeForce GT240 in that range, just pick whichever is cheapest because the performance is pretty close.
Yea, I only have about $130 to spend and so I wanna make sure I get something good and something with quality and good backing
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