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video is washed out ..PLZ HELP!!! PICs!!

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when i play a game it's good when a use the computer like surfing the web its good but when i go to yuotube.com or use my web cam or watch a video that i got from a flash drive its washed out i dont no what it is.? i just got the brand new logitech c920 and well this is what it look's like this. 338

and like this witha movie 338

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There should be video adjustment controls in your video card driver settings. Looks like gamma got boosted...
o ya and its suposd to look like this 338

and i look fine after you take a pic but its not the same for videos.
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no its not that
if you can use http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx let me no thanks bin tring to fix this for days.
Step 1:

List your setup in your signature so we have an idea of what you're running

Step 2:

Try what was suggested - you only allowed 2 minutes between posting, I can't believe you gave it a good try. We don't even know what card you're using, or drivers, etc, so there's no way for us to help you.

It's probably an issue with the video settings as suggested above, or your camera taking over and boosting something like the gamma, as suggested.
well i have a Zotac gtx 560 amp latest drivers win 7 pro 64,bit..i have lookd in the nvidea setings and went in my screen setinges so i just dont no what's up.
Think about it this way, w/e causing it, you should try to counter it by adjusting your video settings in the driver. Even if all are dead center, turn them down until it looks clear. That, or re-install drivers, or try an older one, etc... The only prob i see is if turning settings down doesn't make a difference, then sounds like a messed up card, mebbe re-flash the cards BIOS.
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Could also be a video codec setting?
most likely this
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