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As I am sure most of OCN management, and to a lesser extent, users are aware, when you click an external link on OCN, it redirects (twice apparently) through a service called "Viglink"

For those that don't know:
Incase you aren't aware what affiliate links are, basically, if a user clicks such a link, say to newegg, and then said user buys something from newegg, OCN would get a portion of the sale. It is a way of generating revenue. Viglink basically makes sure that every link to one of OCNs affiliate sites is an affiliate link. In this way, OCN makes more money, and all is good.

I'm all for this, except for one tiny thing. I copy links a lot, and the way that OCN does suff, sometimes they get shortened. e.g.: www.examp.......url.com . So simply copy pasting the text does not work (also this is more error prone). Historically (on vB), i would use the "copy link address" feature of google chrome, and then it would simply copy the source of the hotlink.

It still works, even with Viglink redirects, but it gives me this nasty long URL, and in a thread with a lot of URLs (something like a club thread), it can get messy fast. I have resorted back to copy pasting the text, but that is not always practical.

example of long link:


Multiply that by 200, and you can see why it makes a post unnecessarily long.

I guess what I am asking is for some way to turn off the Viglink service, through the usercp. I understand it is a source of revenue, but trust me, the number of users that would turn it off, would be minuscule compared to the number that wouldn't bother.. I know there was another thread about this, but it never really reached a conclusion, so i thought i'd try again.
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