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Virtual Box + WIN XP

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very nice software...
Im trying to get my IDE controller detected. Can a VB os do this? if not Ill just throw in the towel and remove win7 and install WIN XP on this p4 rig...
btw> I cant get the pci ide controller to work on win7 tried xxx Im up in arms with this...Ive tried it on VBox ubuntu not there even though the live os cd detects the drives/ it used to work when xp was my main os
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A virtualized OS should not need to see the IDE controller in the host OS.

Are you trying to get a PCI IDE controller to work in Win7? If it doesn't work in Win7, then a virtualized OS won't be able to detect it either. Find the IDE controller's chipset manufacturer and check their site for drivers.
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roger that Duckie...have done that but failed to get it to work. Looks like Ill just wipe win7 and reinstall xp on it. THanks! rep+

SDATA133 (syba)
^ Lol wut?
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