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I swapped out a Sempron and replaced it with an Opty 165. I did a clean install of XP pro. Now my vid card stops responding in explorer and when instant messaging??? It never locked up prior to the Opty and OS reinstall.<br><br>
I have scrubbed the drivers. tried drivers that shipped with the card, latest ATI drivers, Latest Omega drivers. Nothing helps. Why would scrolling a web page lock up the card when games, video etc never lock up?<br><br>
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am totally baffled.

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Do the Following in this Order.<br><br>
1. Reset CMOS.<br>
2. Update BIOS to the latest version needed.<br>
3. Install the altest G-card driver but do the following :<br><br>
Installing Graphic card driver efficiently!!! When you Update your graphics cards drivers theres ways that you should go about it. Follow these simple steps below.<br><br>
1.Download and install ''Driver Cleaner'' Here:<br><a href="http://www.drivercleaner.net/professional.html" target="_blank">http://www.drivercleaner.net/professional.html</a><br>
2.Uninstall your Current Display drivers such as your ''ATI'' or ''Nvidia'' drivers.<br>
3.Now run ''Driver cleaner'' and depending on the Drivers you have you will have to select either ''ATI'' or ''Nvidia'' from the drop down menu. Only select the main title of the driver in the drop down such as just ''ATI'' or ''Nvidia''<br>
4.Once you have selected Your driver click on the ''Start'' button and this will now start the driver cleaning process. ( Do this twice to be sure )<br>
5.Now reboot your system and Download the latest Nvidia or ATI and go ahead and install them.<br><br>
Doing this avoids driver corruption and conflicts so you can now enjoy smooth gameplay
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