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Vista 64 VS XP 64

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Whats up my homies

I am trying to decide the difference between these two operating systems..
so i thought id ask you guys

one big thing im trying to do that all i care about is run the max ram i have purchased, thats 8gigs, but i dont know if i can do that with xp 64, can I???

in the long run, i will be turning off every extra function on the operating system so i can get maximum performance....

so do i need home or business???

thanks guys, as always
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Vista. Drivers are much better.
Vista x64, drivers are better. Vista allows a better gestion of memory
Vista. If for nothing else, for DX10, and better support.

You have a 9500gt. That's basically a 8600GTS. That's basically a 7600GT. That's basically a 6800Ultra. So it's decent enough to definitely do some DX10 gaming, particularly in Assassin's Creed, which works better in DX10 mode.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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