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Vista bootloader help

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hey guys, I need some help.

Precursor, Win Vista Home Premium x64 on disk 1 first partition, Win 7 x64 on disk 2 third partition.

The other night, I resized my vista partition with Gparted to get more space on my C drive.

Once the operation finished, I shut down the computer and went to sleep. Turned on the computer in the morning, hmm, no windows booting up.

I put in the Vista install disk, did a repair, said it repaired the startup, rebooted, now my dual boot screen comes up, Win 7 and Vista are showing, hit vista, nothing happening, ctrl-alt-del, select Win 7 and it works. In the bios, I released that if Win 7 is booting, the boot sector is now reading on Disk 2 with Win 7, so I changed the bootup to show the secondary disk as the boot disk, Scratching my head, I printed off to rebuild the bcd on Vista, still doesn't work.

Finally got into Win 7 and downloaded EasyBCD and set Vista to the proper disk and partition and voila, I can now boot into Vista, but I'm still using the bootloader from disk 2, but I want to change the bootloader back to disk 1 where it originally started.

Can anyone help me?
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I would leave it how it is for now. When you get rid of your 7 partition or really want it back now, just put in your Vista disk. Click repair again and select your vista partition. Then go to the command prompt and restore the bootloader yourself.


bootrec.exe /fixmbr

bootrec.exe /fixboot
That should do it for you. Then you can add 7 to the vista one using EasyBCD from inside Vista.
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yay, thats what I was thinking, because now that i can boot into Vista, its not an issue, but something i want to know for future reference, but that might be the easiest way to go, as I don't know how long I will be using 7 for, since I barely boot into anyways
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