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Vista, Complete PC Back-up ?

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I did a complete pc back-up using vista x64 ultimate a while ago and i was wondering since, i have 2 partitions on my C: drive, when i use the complete pc backup, will it delete my second partition and make it just one complete drive or will it leave my other partition untouched with all my valuable (to me) files that i don't want to lose ?
Please, Only respond if you have tried this yourself as, i do not want to lose all my data stored on the second partition.

Also, In case, you were wondering, when i made my back up, the other partition was on there. So, a total of two was on there when i made the back up. I hope, i didn't leave any info out.

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I have a little experience in partitioning and if theirs anything that ive learned its not to attempt it, It usually tend to cause problems. I was a bit confused by your post but if your looking to erase a partition download the latest ubuntu live disk (ubuntu.com) and boot up, use the G-parted tool to erase the partition you want and resize the partition you have to the max capacity of your HDD. I belive its possible to do this in Vista but I like using ubuntu instead.
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