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Vista freezing

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Hey guys, Yep i've finally had vista freeze (been using since nov) but i have no idea what is up.

I installed it on my brothers computer:
A64 2800 sk 754
1.5GB ram
Geforce FX5800
Gigabyte K8NS Pro mobo
DVD drive

He wanted it so i went out and got it for him and split his hard drive into two partitions with XP getting 27GB and Vista getting around 50GB for a dual boot setup.

It installs fine but on first boot when you put in the account name and set the background, after that when it tests your computer for the Windows Experience Index thing, it freezes.. Reboot and it goes through the first boot thing again and freezes. So the next boot it just skips it and drops me at the logon screen with the two accounts i made.

So i go into one and start setting everything up, aero wasnt on so i turned it on, works fine. installed iTunes which didnt install right along with everything else i try to install.

So i reformat the Vista partition and install it again. Same thing happens at first boot. But besides that it runs fine with the installing problem gone. But now it freezes randomly all the time. No BSOD, it just freezes. I dont know what to do, it runs perfectly fine then just freezes..

Any help?
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My first observation is that is not a Vista ready PC and you should put XP on it. Secondly if you used partition magic 8 to make that partition sometimes that causes problems in Vista.
It is Vista ready inst it? It requires a 1ghz CPU and that one is 1.8ghz.. What isnt vista ready?
nVidia will not provide further driver support for 5-series cards.

To check your Vista issue, go to Administrative Tools and look at the Error Log.
Well the 5800 was installed with MS drivers on first boot, and nVidia does have Vista drivers for 5 series cards.

I checked the error log and there was one kernel crash, but like 180 program crashes.. but would a program bring down the whole OS?
i think your cutting a bit clse to storage vista is a hd hog,diable resore points and maybe a couple more,50,just not enough
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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