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vista issues

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ok my friend just bought a new pc. heres his specs:

Q9400 2.66 ghz quad wid 6mb cache
500gb, 2*2 2 gb 800mhz ram
Xfx 9600gt 512mb 650mhz 256bit ddr3

he phones me today saying that his comp
is running like crap with vista ultimate 64 bit!
he says its slow n choppy etc. i got vista running no prob.
the only thing i can think of is bad compatibility between cpu and vista-im prob wrong about this..

any ideas on what could be the cause???
help will be appreciated
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It runs slow and choppy, when? Not much detail there.

Does he have proper drivers?

And no it's not the CPU, the CPU just runs x86 instructions, there's nothing to do with compatibility there.
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not a cpu compatability problem, I had this problem when i put in my new mobo in my current sig rig. Turned out to be driver related. What motherboard has he got?

Edit: Tell him to put in disc that came with mobo (driver disc) and install all of that.
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ok. he got xfx mobo. in general it runs slow n choppy. like cliking start lol
ill him install all the drivers that came with his comp 1st

Originally Posted by BioniC187
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he phones me today saying that his comp
is running like crap with vista ultimate 64 bit!

This seems to be peoples favorite scape goat for 'I don't have a clue what I'm doing when it comes to computers.'

Just blame it on Vista.
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Probably needs to install chipset drivers.

Did he have Vista 64 SP1? If not he will need to update before installing drivers
true. vista is good if you have the power for it.

tell him to install the drivers for the mobo and chipset
And GFX drivers from the nvidia website too. My sig rig had problems with the ones Vista automagically installed.
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