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Vista Key Question

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Hi guys just a quick question:

Question in short: Can i install Vista 64bit using 32bit key then downgrade to 32bit and still use same CD Key?

Question in Long:
I have just installed Vista Business 64bit on my Vostro and everything is going good.
However I havent yet installed all of my programs so not sure about compatibiltiy, especially UGS NX5.

I installed without the CD Key as i was unsure if i could activate my 32Bit Key that i got with the laptop. However if i can will i still be able to sue it on 32bit if i want to downgrade?

Cheers, Ace
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I do not belive its possible to "downgrade" from 64-bit to 32-bit.. Sorry mate!

Originally Posted by dcshoejake
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I do not belive its possible to "downgrade" from 64-bit to 32-bit.. Sorry mate!

ie Cd Key is stuck as a 64bit key?

I don't mind re-formatting to go back
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The retail key can be used for both 32 bit and 64 bit installs. So you just have to have the 32 bit dvd.
First, if the key is ON the laptop, it's probably not a retail key, it's OEM. So, if the laptop is supposed to have 32 bit installed on it, it will not work for 64bit. Also, once 64 bit is installed, there is no way to "downgrade" to 32 bit without formatting and doing a reinstall. Hope this helps.
No I think you would need the Vista 32Bit DVD.
Yeah i have both DVD's and i'm guessing it is OEM then and cannot be used, bummer aye.

Well i will see how this 64bit goes with the 30 day trial
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