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Alright, so my uncle called me the other day saying he forgot the password to the administrator account on his laptop but my cousins can still access it with their normal accounts.

I am wondering if there is a way he can recover his pass through their accounts? I know how to delete account passwords with other methods but he lives 3 hrs away, and he would most likely blow his pc up if he tried these other methods.

If there is no solution ill just tell him he's out of luck till next time I can get down there.


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I’ll give you 3 top solutions to reset Windows vista password if you forget or lost your Vista password.?

Solution 1: Create a password hint to recall Vista password

As a Windows vista user, you are sure to know the new password hint function of Vista. When you create a password to log on to Windows, you can create a hint to help you remember your lost or forgotten Window Vista password with this new function. Of course, the password hint will not appear until you input a wrong Vista password. And at that time, you can try to recall our forgotten Windows Vista password through the password hint.

Solution 2: Create a password reset disk with a USB flash drive

Although the password hint can help you to remember forgotten Windows Vista password again, it doesn’t can reset Vista password for you at all. When you still cannot recall the forgotten password with password hint, what should you do? For this, Microsoft provides another method for you â€" create a Windows password reset disk to reset Windows Vista password. Just follow the below steps to create a password reset disk.

* Step 1: Insert a USB flash drive in computer.
* Step 2: Click the Start button →Control Panel→User Accounts and Family Safety→User Accounts.
* Step 3: In the left pane, click Create a password reset disk, and then follow the instructions to complete your operation.

* After the operation above, you can find a file named userkey.psw on your USB drive, which can help you reset Windows Vista password. Once you delete it, you can never reset Vista password with the USB flash drive.
* Note:
Make sure you store the Windows password reset disk with the userkey.psw file in a safe place. As the password reset disk can be used for numerous times, unauthorized users can also access to your computer if he have the password reset disk in hand.

Solution 3: Reset Windows Vista password with Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0

The above 2 ways to reset Vista password are provided by Microsoft. If you cannot recall the password with password hint, and also forget to create a password reset disk in advance, what should do? Reinstall your computer? No, you’ll forever lose your precious photos and other files on computer. In that case, you’ll need the help of a third party â€" Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0

Windows Password Recovery Tool is professional Windows password recovery software for you to reset Windows password including administrator password and user password with ease. It provides you a fast and secure solution to reset Windows vista password by burning a bootable CD/ DVD.It is very easy to use, jut taking you 3 steps to perform Windows password recovery.

The 3 solutions in this passage are easy, effective and reliable in resetting Vista password. Just select one according to your actual needs. In fact, the easiest and safest way to reset Windows vista password is to write the password on a paper and keep it in a safe place.
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