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Vista RAID Drivers and Win 7?

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I'm setting up the software on a client's computer and I've never had to do anything with raid before but I assumed it would be no big deal. The card I got has drivers for everything up through vista and I've used xp drivers on vista so I assumed vista would work on windows 7 but when I go to install the system in the win 7 setup, it doesn't detect the raid array. I set up the raid array with the f8 or whatever it was right after the POST but once I get to begin to install it, I always get an error of "You have to have 32-bit or 64-bit signed drivers to use during installation of windows 7" when I try to select the drivers from the included driver CD. idk what to do... My last idea is to install vista with the drivers working and then update to windows 7 and hope that it auto-includes the drivers from the vista setup. What should I do?
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yah its an i5 system but I got a RAID card because the board didn't have included RAID

Originally Posted by Sn0wm4n View Post
yah its an i5 system but I got a RAID card because the board didn't have included RAID
WHAT raid card?
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Get the Windows 7 drivers here. You need to update the card BIOS to 7.7.02 first, before using these drivers. (Do this in an XP rig.)
I already saw this but it says in that base driver "Use this driver with Windows 7 and the latest BASE BIOS to access non-RAID hard disk drives" and I need the RAID or else the RAID card would be pointless
so doesn't that mean that I wouldn't be able to use RAID with it?
Did you actually try using the driver yet?
of course I did. But I ended up installing it on vista x64 but I get the same read speeds from a single drive as I do with my raid 0? whats up with that? I used the newest driver from the site at install and its just reading at 100MB/s just like my other single drive is... any ideas?
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