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vista ultimate 64 graphics issues

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k i have searched and searched for this issue, but i recently installed vista 64. i run an 8800 gts to a monitor and my hd tv via component cables. i have it in the cloned configuration, and when i boot a game the tv shuts off, and i am left with just the monitor. with xp, i never had this problem. i having trouble locking the resolutions between the two of them. any help is apperciated.
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what's the resolution and refresh rate set at? and what's your hdtv capable of?
ive tried 1024 x 768 wich is how i ran it in xp, ive tried 800 x 600, to no avail. i hooked up my projector and it does the same thing. only happens when running a game. movies and everything else works fine. i think the refresh rate is at 65, not 100% on that, im at work, and i know the tv is capable of 1024 x 768 .
try configuring them indepently.. sounds like your games are set to a higher res than your monitor can support.

DUal monitors of different resolution is a piece of cake in vista, hell i added a 2nd monitor, turned on the pc and it was off and running essentially on it own. lol
i swapped out the 8800gts for 2 9600gt's, sli does the trick, problem is fixed i guess. runs great and looks awesome. only capable of 1080i tho
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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