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Vista: User setting lost!!

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Ok so i got norton ghost and copied my 30gb harddrive to a new SATA 200GB harddrive. Vista boots up and everything, and it remembers my user name, but when i go to log on it says "preparing your desktop" for at least5 minutes then when it actually loads i had to manually start explorer,exe and then it says it couldnt load my settings and gave me a temporary setup, now when i try to run programs such as internet explorer it says program not found, but when i go to control panal it tells me all my previous software is installed.

Anyone know what the problem maybe? Im thinking its because my new drive's letter is E: instead of the drive which i copied which was C:? Which methods can i use to change the letter?
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Try Vista Repair using your genuine installation DVD. You should run this command first:

Start>All Programs>Accessories, right-click CMD.exe to bring up elevated Command Prompt then type this:

sfc /scannow

Let it run and repair(if it found any corruptions), don't do anything on it while it runs.
see what im thinking is if i change the drive letter to C:, which was the letter of the drive that vista was originally installed on and copied, so im thinking that all the shorcuts and programs are trying to run off of drive C:

But im not sure of how to switch the drive letter because when i boot up using the new drive "E" half of the stuff in vista wont work and i cant install partition magic or get to the disk management. The only way that i could go about changing the drive "E" to C is if i either boot from a CD or boot using the C drive which then it wont let me change "E" to C because the drive im booting off of is already C.

Now i tried reapiring vista with the CD and it said it found no errors, i have to try that command you gave me but if anyone knows of a program that i can put on a bootable CD and change drive letters through that, it would be appreciated.
You could use Computer Manager/Disk Management to change a drive letter, but the drive with boot partition can NEVER be changed.

Right-click on My Computer choose "Manage", under "Storage" in the center pane, double-click it to reveal Disk Management. Double-click on that it'll take a few seconds to show all drives in the detail pane. Right-click on any drive to reassign its drive letter. Remember some programs, or should I say most, will not function properly after the reassignment because the execution paths have been changed as well.
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